Bic carpets

B.I.C. Carpets offers personalized service and delivers exceptional quality and flexibility to its customers all over the world. Their carpets can be found in embassies and luxury yachts, hotels, offices and the most exclusive residences.

Carpet Sign

Carpet Sign specializes in producing rich carpets in which structure and colour are essential. Each carpet has a unique structure, size and colour and is made to fully meet every wish. Their special collection was achieved by mixing different types of yarn and colours.


A JoV creation is not just any decoration, it's not just there to fill a space. It is proof of taste and character, a reflection of yourself. JoV takes your carpet very personally; all your wishes in an exclusive and unique piece. 100% quality, 100% yourself.

Limited Edition

The Limited Edition carpets immediately draw attention. And you feel the love for natural materials, colours and textures that lie underneath. Pure craftsmanship and intense handiwork, but also wayward design. Discover a surprising piece of Belgium.

Van Besouw

Van Besouw gives each room the right character. That's our mission, our duty to create surprising products and customized colour concepts to give each room the right look.