Bic carpets

B.I.C. Carpets offers personalized service and delivers exceptional quality and flexibility to its customers all over the world. Their carpets can be found in embassies and luxury yachts, hotels, offices and the most exclusive residences.

Carpet Sign

Carpet Sign specializes in producing rich carpets in which structure and colour are essential. Each carpet has a unique structure, size and colour and is made to fully meet every wish. Their special collection was achieved by mixing different types of yarn and colours.


A JoV creation is not just any decoration, it's not just there to fill a space. It is proof of taste and character, a reflection of yourself. JoV takes your carpet very personally; all your wishes in an exclusive and unique piece. 100% quality, 100% yourself.

Limited Edition

The Limited Edition carpets immediately draw attention. And you feel the love for natural materials, colours and textures that lie underneath. Pure craftsmanship and intense handiwork, but also wayward design. Discover a surprising piece of Belgium.

Van Besouw

Van Besouw gives each room the right character. That's our mission, our duty to create surprising products and customized colour concepts to give each room the right look.


At Abstracta you do not have to choose between a creative landscape or a good soundscape. They provide you with a combination of both. The result? A space which inspires you to perceive not only with your eyes, but also with your ears.


Alki, Basque for chair, was established with one goal: creating jobs in a non-industrialized region. Working together seemed the most important factor for a region to flourish. Today, Alki offers a combination of ancestral tradition and modern technology, in a contemporary style.


Art and comfort. It's as simple as that. Timeless design that is influential. At home, at the office or in the lobby. Everyone who has an interest in shape and functionality finds a piece in Artifort’s collection that conquers their hearts.


Baxter stands for pure, noble and artisan. Their choice of leather is proof of their exceptional respect for nature. This noble and natural source material has its own history, unique curves and an unmistakable character. A unique inspiration for the designers’ collective, in which each of the designers speaks the same language of passion and refinement. Because they master the art of moving others, their different angles come together in a magical way in one refined collection.


Belonging somewhere. In a particular job, to a feeling or a design. From design to final delivery: Italian, caring, outstanding execution, craftsmanship, design and staying true to the local environment. That's Billiani.


Bisley designs reliable design furniture for every work environment. Their success is based on strong partnerships, the latest production technologies and the best people. Their extensive range of furniture helps people worldwide to function in a comfortable and effective manner, wherever they work.

Buzzi Space

BuzziSpace seamlessly seeks to improve the world through design. It all started with acoustics. Driven by an unlimited passion for solving modern design challenges, BuzziSpace constantly redefines furniture to be more functional and fun.


Enea is a Spanish furniture manufacturer from the Basque country. They specialize in workplaces, living spaces and public places. Their close relationship with the community gives them the inspiration they need to create sustainable designs. Everything they do revolves around an overpowering sense of belonging.



Never do anything unless it's both necessary and functional. And do not hesitate to make it beautiful. Design is human. It must serve people, solve their problems and improve their quality of life. Extremis, never simply say furniture.


Colourful outdoor furniture and accessories are their trademarks. Fermob creates innovative and practical garden furniture that brightens your world with colour. Their range varies from traditional metal garden sets to lounge sets next to the pool.


Kristalia stands for modern design furniture and quality 'made in Italy'. Tables, chairs and accessories are not only produced with an eagle eye for aesthetics, but also from a conscious choice for reusable materials.


Lapalma's mix of extraordinary design and aesthetic appeal results in furniture with a strong personality, to which many internationally renowned designers contributed.

Louis Poulsen

At Louis Poulsen there is a constant commitment to creating designs that shape light. In close collaboration with designers, architects and other talents, they have proven themselves as one of the world's leading suppliers of architectural and decorative lighting.


Luceplan was founded on the basis of an idea of creating and producing interior and exterior lighting and to improve the quality of life. Energy saving is top priority, which is not limited to the actual energy consumption of lighting, but covers the entire operation: from material selection in the production process to maintenance of the finished product.


Design is a unique way of thinking to develop new concepts, in which originality, quality and aesthetics are the most important features. The result is design furniture such as sofas, tables, outdoor furniture and accessories.


Giulio Marelli: furniture to live in and furniture that exudes luxury. Their living furniture ranges from a formal sitting area to a casual living space, their Italian luxury furniture is classical and timeless. In short: accessible to any environment and style.

Nemo Cassina Lighting

One of the world leaders in lighting is constantly striving to create innovative state-of-the-art designs. Nemo represents a 'benchmark' name that returns to the roots of innovation, which has always inspired Italian design.


Oluce is the oldest Italian lighting company that is still active today. From sculptural expressionism to functional minimalism, Oluce continues to explore the most diverse, extreme semantic fields.

Paola Lenti

Looking through a Paola Lenti catalog is like discovering balanced and new design landscapes where opposites become complementary: past and present, interior and exterior, tradition and technology. At Paola Lenti prevails a serene co-existence of wood and metal, modern and comfortable, and of handmade flower carpets and high-tech yarn.


Pedrali is an Italian company that produces contemporary furniture for public spaces, offices and homes. Their collection is the result of careful and accurate research aimed at creating industrial design products with creative shapes.


Robberechts is a steel processing company specialized in the design, production and marketing of office furniture and order-made sheet steel products.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is a British design and production company of lighting and furniture. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, the brand is inspired by the unique heritage of its country.


Since 1969, Varaschin is characterized by the link between traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic solutions, a Venetian leader in the outdoor furniture market. The fabric, once made of reeds, now of synthetic materials that are more suitable for outdoor life, was always the soul of Varaschin production. In addition to the outside collections, Varaschin also produces indoor products. Each product line has its own story and identity, but the reconsideration of the weave concept is their common divider. Attention to detail, originality and aesthetic care are the core features of Varaschin products, which are unique, sophisticated and elegant. Their vision of a unique space, both at home and outside, brings together furniture that extends the outside world and connects it with the inside, in a balanced game between light and comfort.



For 50 years, they have created light objects and shed light on generations full of dreams. For them, light is the basic ingredient to express new ideas and highlight unexplored emotions. They write the future, read the past and express the present, in a continuum of positive challenges and bold choices that have formed their identity and image.


The success of MDF Italia is rooted in their ability to represent contemporary culture, to feel and anticipate trends, to understand the modern needs of living. Their design-driven products can perfectly interact with different cultures and sensitivities.

Four Design

Four Design develops furniture concepts for current and future generations. Their furniture is characterized by extraordinary functionalism and simple design.