Discover our new "Italian beauties" Baxter and Riva 1920



We have now added two new amazing brands to our design portfolio following the refurbishment of our showroom, namely the Italian beauties Baxter and Riva 1920. As you can see, they perfectly match our vision:


1. Durable materials
Both Riva 1920 and Baxter always start from the power of natural materials: Baxter only works with the best leathers, while Riva selects the most beautiful wood. What’s more, they succeed in bringing this material to life in their designs. For Baxter and Riva 1920, the material defines and inspires the design, not the other way around. The thickness of the tree trunk, the suppleness of the leather... They both have utmost respect for the purity of these natural materials! Moreover, their production process also takes the environmental aspect into account. We cannot think of more environmentally-friendly manufacturers. 


2. Slow design
The designs and interior items of Riva 1920 and Baxter are real eye-catchers. At first glance, they look serene but there is much more to them than meets the eye. Like stunning art objects, a moving melody or a literary artwork, these designs appeal to your emotions. They will profoundly move your soul. And that is what real design is all about: reflecting on pure beauty, really coming home and closing the door and leaving the hassle of a busy day behind you.


3. Differentiation
Besides focussing on the commercial aspect, these designers also pay attention to the conceptual, aesthetic and functional characteristics of their designs. They create designs that trigger and connect, that force you to have an opinion. Either you love it or you hate it. And it is these strong emotions that make their designs so powerful. For the brave and for people who are always in search of something extra. 
Experience Baxter and Riva 1920 now in our showroom
Feel astonished and suprised. See, smell, feel and experience Baxter and Riva 1920 in our showroom now.
PS We will soon be relaunching the leading brand Living Divani.
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