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Like life, design is always evolving. Time for a breath of fresh air in our showroom. Be inspired and stimulated, by interesting shapes, amazing colours and durable materials. Let these designs appeal to all of your senses. Enjoy their beauty, functionality and character.  Different, bold, striking... Or as we say 100% Art Nivo.

The cornerstone of our vision on interior design: the three pillars of Art Nivo
We only select brands that match our specific vision and vibes. Design with a powerful, independent style and interior design objects that deliver on their promises. Because you’re worth it. The outcome is a unique mix of brands. Designers who prefer to chart their own course and furniture with a powerful story that matches our basic values:

1. Durable materials
“Ecologie may be trending but we definitely are not ‘greenwashers.”
We value authenticity. Natural materials and products that last a lifetime. Ecology may be trendy but we definitely are not greenwashers. We think about ecology and strive to achieve maximum durability and sustainabilityin the brands we select: we look at their production process, the materials they use and their logistics process.

2. Slow design
“We offer an alternative to the rat race. We are adagio, the anti-gurus.”
We offer the unique counterbalance you are searching for, an alternative to the daily rat race and technological innovations. Your home is a place to unwind. Here you feel safe, it is your own cosy nest. That is why we keep up with the latest trends and innovations but consciously choose to chart our own course. Your home should exude warmth and its own unique identity, with the right fabrics and shapes, …

3. Differentiation
“We don't like to be coerced. Instead we believe in our own vision and adhere to our aesthetics.”
We don't blindly follow the masses and we don’t like to be forced to follow trends. We believe in our own vision and adhere to our own aesthetics. For example, we are no fans of the 2017 Pantone colour Greenery. Whereas “everyone” is inspired by green, we have resolutely chosen to go with blue. Not to be contrary, but because we feel that this better matches our showroom presentation.

Admire our brand-new blue Moroso room in our showroom from 22 March, which coincidentally happens to be World Water Day .

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