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Today, an office or place of work is no longer business as usual. Our team creates integrated physical, virtual and digital platforms that bring silence and style to the workplace. We deliver more than just furniture, we provide a concept and help companies implement a new way of working. Thanks to a broad range of contemporary, quality and innovative design and project furniture, we create waiting rooms, open and flex floor spaces, co-working spaces, conference rooms and home offices. Our innovative complete solutions create an added value for employers and employees.


With the knowledge and an impressive track record in the healthcare sector, we have changed the stigmatic image of the sector in terms of interior decorating. A combination of simple set-ups and functional and comfortable furniture creates an atmosphere in which patients, visitors and staff feel at ease. Our team looks for impactful ideas that fit within the budget that you have, with the necessary and essential punctuality.


Our hotel, restaurant and bar concepts are renowned in the sector. Our team works out complete concepts for night time hotspots, staff restaurants and coffee corners. A mix of eye-catching, original concepts and working functionality, all mixed together with a few accessories to set it all off.



With a passion for shopping and lifestyle, we’ve created spaces that connect brands and shoppers. A good retail concept goes beyond style or innovative design. It brings life to the brand. It generates traffic, forges long-term relationships, generates revenue and is cost effective. We rethink processes, routing, furniture, lighting, product presentation and focus on creating a hybrid space between a place of work and a fully functioning service shop.